The Dead or Alive series has been captivating the hearts of its fandom for many years now, the series has a number of entries in its long list of video games, including the main fighting games and also a number of spin-offs that have made fans fall in love with the series’ memorable characters. Dead or Alive 5 came out in 2015 after which the game’s developers decided to take a break from working on more main entries in this series, however, much to our joy, Team Ninja has finally released a debut trailer for Dead or Alive 6.

The Dead or Alive series has many things that make it enjoyable; its top of the line, technical fighting mechanics, it colourful cast of characters, its attention to detail, the many customization options, and the slightly skimpy undertones that can be found throughout the game. The list of what makes DOA so great is never ending, which is exactly why we are so excited about DOA6, from what we can tell so far, DOA6 plans on bringing back everything that we love about it, along with plenty of new features to spice things up.

Koei Temco, the game’s publisher confirmed the games’ release date after broad casting its debut trailer, we can expect to see DOA6 on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One somewhere in March 2019. So far this all that the developers have told us, however, the debut trailer is packed with plenty of information about the upcoming title.

We can confirm that DOA6 is being made with a brand new gameplay engine that will introduce better graphics, improved mechanics, and enhanced physics (ahem, ahem). The new gameplay engine has been specifically designed to harness the potential of current generation gaming hardware, meaning that the game might even have 4K support on consoles.

Along with better graphics, DOA6 is also going to be bringing in new features that will add more depth to the combat system, there’s going to be a kind of break gauge that will act like how super meters work in other fighting games. This is the first time we are going to see a feature like this in DOA6 and it is definitely going to make executing finishing moves and special attacks more complex and more rewarding.

Also, the game’s signature visual damage is going to be present, characters in the game will progressively become sweatier, dirtier, and have their clothing damaged as the fight progresses, minute attention to details such as these are what set DOA6 apart from other fighting games.

The game also plans on making fighting stages more interactive by adding danger zones and an interactive crowd. Dead or Alive 6 is all about adding more depth to the game’s already awesome formula in order to create an incredible fighting experience that fans will be able to enjoy as they play with a number of returning characters and a few new faces as well.