When you move into a new place, or if you have been using a heating system that has become too old, then it is about time that you part ways with it. It is always very difficult to do so because people are usually very attached to their old heating system and find it hard to commit to a new one, especially if you have no knowledge whatsoever about it. if you are someone who is in this state, we would recommend that you check out http://www.somdboyshvacrepair.com/services/heating/ for info and consultation by an expert on the various heating systems.

This article will serve as a guide for the new buyers who want to know a bit about the types of heating system before they make the purchase. Making an informed decision in such cases is very important and you probably are already aware of it. with that being said, following are some of the different types of heating systems that you should be aware of, check them out below.


The most common kind of heating system that people have is called furnace. Usually they operate with gas and they essentially force air through multiple air ducts which ends up distributing the heat throughout your home. There are a couple of different variants in furnaces, some operate via electricity, others use propane gas or even oil. Majority of the older homes in US do use gas operated furnaces.

Since they have been around for such a long time, they are considered one of the most popular heating system type. They serve as air conditioner during the hot, summery months.


Boilers are also common kind of heating system. Essentially, they boil the water and as it turns into steam it is pushed through the pipelines all over the house which provides the heat.