Learning the piano can either be long and tedious task or a fun and creative activity that you can just do sitting at home. In most piano lessons, teachers expect that their students will stay with them for a long time and design the curriculum accordingly. Their curriculums consist of old fashioned exercises and dozens of classical songs. They also make their students learn the theory which is completely irrelevant now-a-days. Their outdated information is the reason why people stay for years and at the end, have only learned a few classical songs. They’re not even able to improvise on them and play other songs.

This is why Jaques made his own piano course when he realized that even after learning the piano for 12 years, he only knew two songs. He designed an online piano course which teaches excellent piano in just 21 days. It is the fastest and most creative way to learn the piano as it doesn’t teach any old classical songs. Instead it goes on to give you a basic framework of the piano chords that you need to learn in order to be able to play the easy songs without any long, frustrating piano drills and sheet music. He based his online piano course on the 80/20 principle which states that 80% of the outcome comes from 20% of work. His 20% work was the exceptional curriculum that teaches amazing techniques for learning piano in only 21 days.

This course is best for people who have a busy schedule but want to learn the piano in as less time as possible. They also want it as a fun and relaxing activity in which they learn the songs they like and be able to play in a few days.