You might not know this but getting crowns, bridges and veneers is very common among the public which is why we believe that everyone should possess basic information about them. Veneers generally come under cosmetic dentistry as their only purpose is to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile but crowns and bridges are used not only to enhance the look, they are used for restorative purposes too.

We are going to provide basic information on each of them but if you need to know more just do a quick research on the internet and you will find what you need. Just read the full article and if your dentist Maitland ever tells you that you need any of the above, you would know what he/she means and why the need arose for it.


As the name suggests, crowns are like caps for teeth. If a tooth is cracked, shaped unusual or there is a root canal, crown is placed on top of that particular tooth. Crowns are prepared in labs and can only be removed or placed by dentists. Crowns are also used on dental implants as they are shaped just the tooth or implant.


The easiest way to explain bridges is that they are fake teeth and used when there are teeth missing from the mouth. They are used found at the back of the mouth and are sometimes made of full metal or the middle part is metal and the outer layer is porcelain. They are attached to the neighboring tooth or implant. They are only removed or cemented in place via a dental surgery. Once they are in place, the patient can treat them like natural teeth.


Generally made from porcelain, they are like a thin layer that is placed on the teeth to hide stains and discoloration.