Kids and adults might not like the same tourist attractions when they go to vacation which can often be a big challenge for families as parents want their kids to enjoy but they do not want to sacrifice their holidays. It is quite a dilemma so what should be done about it?

Whenever people think of vacations, they think beaches, museums or some other touristy things but why not indulge in something else? If you want the whole family to enjoy together, look into some creative things to do. Taking inspiration from The Crafty Attic, we have prepared a list of activities that you should search for when you are on vacation wherever you are.

Pottery Painting

If you are thinking that pottery painting is not your cup of tea because you have never tried it before, you should not worry because the activity is not about creating pieces that are worthy in terms of money, it is about creating memories. If you have tried pottery painting before, you should indulge in it again when you are on your holidays as it will provide you with a sense of calm and control during the mayhem of travel.

Jewelry Designing

Jewelry designing is for every gender and age and you will see why once you start doing it. The act of putting together little pieces and creating beautiful jewelry will start a spark of creativity in you. Jewelry designing is not only fun, it is useful too because you can take your creation and wear it anywhere you want.

Glass Fusion

You can create beautiful pieces of art with glass fusion in the form of wall hangings, decoration pieces, jewelry etc. This is for adults and children aged above 5 because it involves handling glass.