Steaks are an amazing food item and every person, who likes to eat meat, loves them. While it may seem like a basic idea, steaks are anything but basic. The steaks are amazing when they are made with love and care. Steaks require a lot of time and cre, and also a lot of cooking experience, to make them properly. It is way too easy to make steak tough or flavorless. Steak needs to be made at the right temperature and must be seasoned perfectly. This is why a lot of different restaurants specialise in just steaks because to get a good steak people are willing to go to good specialist new restaurant Glasgow side However, for whenever you want to make a good steak at home, here is a handy guide for you to work with. In this article we will be talking about different steak cuts.

So one steak piece or cut that you should definitely know of is the New york cut. This cut is also known as the strip, top sirloin, or just top loin. This steak cut is normally sold bon less, although some places might give it with bones attached. This is a steak cut that you cook pan seared up on high heat. Make sure that this cut comes with fat on it as that helps make it a lot more tender. When cooking it, you can let the fat on it melt on to the steak to make it juicier and softer. The meat itself is referred to as being fine grained texture wise because it has a medium amount of fat and no fat globs in the middle. This means no division in the steak, and it can be cooked in one go with no problems.