Credit card chargebacks are very undesirable situation which usually ends up not being solved. The credit cannot know unless he is charged with one. Most time they file a complaint but they usually lose because it is actually their fault. There are no chances of such a situation occurring if the credit card holder has filled a credit card payment authorization form that covers all the relevant areas of the matter. Without filling this form, your merchant could charge extra transactions on your card.

This form is usually issued by sellers on a quarterly, half yearly or annual basis. As a seller, having this form will be extremely beneficial. You will be able to charge the client to their card instead of getting charged back. You won’t lose any money and will be more secure than ever.

A lot of different situations can occur when involving credit card payments and chargebacks. But there isn’t much to worry about as there are solutions for all of them. They all can be solved by filling the relevant credit card authorization form.

If there is more than one user, there are forms that can be filled to take care of such a situation. There are multiple user authorization forms. You fill in with the relevant details allowing the merchant to charge your card for transactions made by multiple users. However, you will still have to indicate the number of users in the form which won’t be changed later.

On templates study website, the different authorization forms involving different situations can be looked up. There are also blank credit cards forms for shopkeepers. These can be filled according to the needs and requirements of the shopkeeper. However, the payment and billing information should be entered very accurately and precisely.