You know you really start appreciating how great drains are once they stop working and there’s a mess of water everywhere. Let’s say that the drain outside your home gets blocked and water seeps into it very slowly. You’ll probably ignore this slow drain in the start since it gets the job done, even if slowly. However, once it rains this drain will become twice as much trouble and you’ll have water everywhere.

Drains are built in a way that allows them to remove water along with a certain degree of solid debris as well. However, if you never get your drain serviced by a drain clearing company then at some point, your drain will start gathering debris till the point where it gets blocked. Once this happens, you can also place a call to any good plumber Armadale WA to come to clear it up. Plumbers offer drain cleaning services for home drains. Here are a few things that can block your drain.


Plant matter is one of the most common things that block outdoor drains. At some point or the other, the leaves around the area are going to get swept up by wastewater and into the drains. Plant matter is relatively easier to clear out as well.


There’s a reason why you should be very careful to make sure that your trash stays in the bins. If there’s trash around an unguarded drain, it can get washed in and cause, major blockages. You can prevent this from happening by having drain grates installed.


We wash an alarming amount of fats into our kitchen drains. There can be enough fat in our drains to cause major blockages that need bio-degrading chemicals to clear them out.