In this article we will be reviewing one of the best safety razors to use for a classical styled shave, the Merkur 34c Heavy Duty razor. This is a two piece old school razor that has been a favorite for most people who enjoy having a wet shave with a classic blade. The great thing about this blade is that it works well for people who are new to wet shaves, and still gives a great result to those who have been using a blade for a wet shave for years. This shaving blade has been designed in a classic way and will resemble the old razors from the 1930s with its look. The best thing about it is that while it provides a comfortable shave and the razor blade itself will last you a while, as any good luxury razor should, this blade is still priced quite conveniently for anyone who needs to buy it. At 40 dollars, it is a comparatively cheap option when other luxury razor blades are considered. To get a good idea of what the prices and features of other luxury razor blades usually, are, you can go online to and read up about them.

Regarding the features of the actual that make it such a great razor, one of the greatest design features is the fact that it is a well – balanced two blade razor. With other razors that have three blades or more, getting an even shave on both sides is often quite difficult. Furthermore it is a fully functional safety blade. Aside from just have a closed curve top to prevent any pricks and cuts, you will find that they also come with a smooth chrome finish that lets the blade glide and prevents any scratches from being left behind.