A bus ride from the Capital to Philadelphia takes approximately 3 hours, 3 hours of non-stop travelling on the road, and sometimes it takes even longer if traffic is bad or due to unforeseen weather conditions. Whenever you plan on boarding a bus for a long trip, you should always make sure that the bus you will be travelling on is safe, and capable of getting you to your destination on time. Finding a decent bus transportation service is usually tricky as the process of finding and securing seats for yourself is pretty tiresome, it involves a lot of waiting, calls, and hoping that you manage to find good seats at an affordable price.

In fact, many people simply hate having to book seats for themselves when it comes to buses, luckily, Ourbus is a company that has made plenty of effort to make this process a whole lot easier. Ourbus was founded by three partners who have a vast amount of experience with the transportation industry, their goal was to provide people with an affordable and practical approach towards finding suitable bus tickets.

Ourbus simplifies the process of getting a bus ride with the help of a fully fleshed out system that provides people with all the information that they could possibly need to find and buy bus tickets. Thanks to their website ourbus.com/routes/philadelphia-to-dc and their smartphone app, what was once an hour long process can now be done in mere minutes. Simply specify your location, destination, your day of departure and return, and how many people are in your party. Ourbus will find and present all available bus rides that match your requirements, you can learn more about the company by taking a look at their website or by downloading their app on your phone.