If you’re here on this page then chances are that you just got a few vinyl records of your favourite albums from the 80’s and then you thought that since you already have the records, maybe it’s time to invest in a turntable as well. However, you were struck with the realization that these things are pretty darn expensive and now you’re just wondering why you can’t find one for cheap. Sound about right? Well, you’re on the right page since we’re talking about why turn tables cost so much.

You can indeed buy used turn tables of simply some that aren’t all that high end but these turn tables aren’t for those of us who really love their music – they will play the records but they won’t do them justice. The turntables that you get near the $2000 price range are turntables for audiophiles and they’re designed to release high fidelity audio from your records. You may have heard FLAC audio on decent audio equipment but no digital audio can ever match the sound you get from a vinyl record.

That said, if you really are passionate about music and have the money for it, then buying a turntable for your records is about the best thing you can do for yourself. Audiophile grade turn tables have a plethora of unique features built into them that get the most out of your records but a lot of them are true to the classic design of turntables and have that kind of nostalgia to them that makes them all the more appealing. High end turntables are also much more durable which makes them worth buying over the cheaper ones that might break after a while, leaving you at a loss.