Seeing a great game lose its touch as it tries to keep up with the times can be heart-breaking, unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see long time classics become irrelevant as developers completely ruin a game as they try to keep it mainstream friendly. When we first heard about Dead or Alive 6 coming out in early 2019, we were uncertain about whether to be happy or feel anxious about the series’ future. Dead or Alive first came out in 1996 and immediately became popular thanks to its rich combat mechanics and it’s many, over the top characteristics.

Some of the series’ iconic features include its incredibly complex and combo centric fighting and its sexual undertones, in fact these two elements are pretty much what defined the DOA series and made it so popular. However, in today’s day and age, a game that openly sexualises its female characters and does very little handholding will definitely have a hard time surviving, this is what its developers have been concerned about and therefore, we are bound to see the original DOA formula undergo a bit of alteration.

The good news is that all of our concerns immediately went away after some of the game’s footage was released, it was obvious that DOA6 had undergone changes here and there, but the look and feel of the game was pretty much the same as before. The game’s reveal trailer showcased long time favourites such as Kasumi, whose character design seems a lot more mature than before.

DOA6 is going to be built using a new gameplay engine that will make the game’s fighting stages even more dynamic, as for the game’s signature complicated controls, they are still going to be present. Any Dead or Alive veteran will be able to bust out some powerful moves with their favourite characters without breaking a sweat, and as for people who are new to the game, Team Ninja has introduced a “rescue button” that will help newbies rush out of tight spots. This rescue button will basically let players execute a fluid combo attack with just a single press of a button, its purpose is to make the game more hospitable for people who are still learning the ropes.

Other new features include a super meter (for the very first time in the series) that will gradually fill up as players hit, get hit, and block attacks, and then allow players to execute devastating attacks that can easily turn an entire battle around if timed correctly. Furthermore, DOA6 will also introduce a richer single player experience with more offline modes and a fleshed out campaign as well.

Overall, Dead or Alive 6 is going to take the series on a more realistic route, allowing the game to feel more immersive and more brutal, while at the same time, preserving everything that made Dead or Alive what it is today; an intense and complex fighting game.